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Diesel & Water Tanker Trailers

Pricing on request
Diesel tanker trailer repairs

Trailers in this range

Trust Carter Wesco Trailers for Top-Quality Diesel and Water Tanker Trailers

BT120 – 1000 litre water tanker (no pump)
BT125 – 1500 litre water tanker (no pump)
BT130 – 1000 litre water tanker (fire fighting)
BT135 – 1500 litre water tanker (fire fighting)
BT140 – 1000 litre diesel tanker with flow meter
BT145 – 1500 litre diesel tanker with flow meter
BT300 – 3000 litre water tanker with petrol pump, hose reel and spray boom


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100% Australian Made, right here in Sydney


All trailers have led lights and are  hard wired. Optional spare wheel and jerry can holders is also available.